The Packers won’t have new throwback uniforms in 2020

The Green Bay Packers were supposed to have a new throwback uniform in 2020. President and CEO Mark Murphy said as much during a Q&A on last fall. But, according to Paul Lukas of Uni Watch, there won’t be.

Lukas tweeted out a picture of an email between the Packers Pro Shop and a prospective customer that said, “unfortunately the organization will not have a classic or throwback jersey for the upcoming 2020 season but plan to have one available for the 2021 season.”

The decision behind going without a throwback could be as simple as Lukas suggests. In 2013, due to a concern with player safety, the NFL mandated that players wear the same helmet all year. In the past, the Packers would wear brown helmets with their throwbacks to mimic the leather helmets worn during the time period. Now, they are forced to just take the decals off their normal gold helmets. That rule could be changing in time for 2021.

The other part is the NFL does not allow you to have new alternates/throwbacks every season. So had the Packers come out with new throwbacks this year with their gold helmets, they would have been locked into those for at least five years. By holding off, they can do their new throwbacks in a proper way.