The Active Zone

Pat Gallagher was born and raised in the Madison area and has lived here most of his life. In addition to a love of all things Madison, Pat enjoys cooking (and eating), wine, travel and a huge variety of music. Pat is a cycling enthusiast and advocate who regularly speaks to cycling groups regarding bicycle safety and how to share the road with civility and common sense. His long-time hobby has led to a triathlon obsession as well; he’s completed three Ironman Wisconsin races and in 2012 traveled to Galway, Ireland to compete in the Ironman Ireland 70.3 Race – where he crashed his bike badly, but still finished the race. After several previous attempts, in the fall of 2013, Pat qualified for the Boston Marathon and raced in Boston in April of 2015.

Pat lives in Middleton with his wife Laura and their cats Ruby and Zander.

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