Joe & Ebo Experience: Most Important, Not Best

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Joe & Ebo Experience: Greg Gard the Champion

Greg Gard joins the Joe & Ebo Show to talk the Badgers season, winning the Big Ten and the cancellation of the Big Ten Tournament and March Madness due to the Coronavirus.

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Joe & Ebo Experience: Monday Blues

Badgers basketball recap (0:00)

Pizza, Beer, Badgers (8:56)

Badgers Wrestling head coach Chris Bono (23:12)

Josh Hader dispute (31:09)

Astros Saga (52:13)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Last 20 Years

Twitter poll introduced: (0:00)

Wisconsin basketball vs. football: (8:27)

Wisconsin talk continued (23:24)

Dbag update (32:36)

Badger Insider RJ Brachman (39:53)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Cleared for takeoff

Bucks Playoff Expectations (0:00)

Will Giannis leave? (7:56)

Giannis talk continued (19:49)

Pat Connaughton slam dunk contest ideas (29:16)

Packers Insider Rob Reischel (42:31)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Keep the faith

Badgers Hockey Insider Barry Richter (0:00)

Ron Roenicke back in the majors (16:30)

Brewers roster (24:54)

NL Central (35:29)

Milwaukee Bucks win again (51:23)

Joe & Ebo Experience: No More Football

Super Bowl Comparisons (0:00)

Wisconsin Wrestling head coach Chris Bono (10:03)

WOZN reporter Tony Cartagena (19:30)

Mt. Notice Update (33:07)

Super Bowl Commercials/Performance (40:50)

Wisconsin basketball's big win (48:13)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Bang the drum

2017 vs. 2020 (0:00)

Good Points (8:21)

Packers Insider Rob Reischel (23:59)

Wisconsin wrestling head coach Chris Bono (34:50)

Wisconsin basketball recap (44:55)

Sports Director Zach Heilprin (54:44)

Joe & Ebo Experience: Managing the Bell

Taco Bell management (0:00)

Friday night Badger games (10:57)

Vegas Insider Raphael Esparza (19:48)

Badgers Insider RJ Brachman (28:45)

Madison Capitols & American Family Children's Hospital (51:57)

The Ahman Green Show: Jan. 10, 2020

"We want the ball and we're going to score" (0:00)

Last week's playoff recap (12:58)

Q & A (23:08)

Game prediction (36:40)