Badgers: Alando Tucker breaks silence, responds to report that he tried to push Greg Gard out to become coach

Former Wisconsin interim assistant coach Alando Tucker has broken his silence — finally — on a report that he attempted to get Greg Gard removed as head coach and take the job himself.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported this week that in January of 2020 Tucker went to then athletic director Barry Alvarez and told him he was ready to assume the top job if he moved on from Gard. Alvarez informed him he would not make that move. This past season Tucker reportedly tried to turn players against the other members of the coaching staff and also pushed for a certain athletic director candidate to be hired because he thought that person would fire Gard and hire him.

Tucker had been quiet publicly since the end of the season, even after he was passed over to be the full-time assistant in late April. But on Wednesday morning he released a lengthy statement in which he denied everything he had been accused of doing.