FOX’s Glazer: Aaron Rodgers still wants out of Green Bay

The Green Bay Packers continue to say they want Aaron Rodgers to return to the building and the future Hall of Fame quarterback reportedly still has no interest in doing so.

During a Wednesday appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, FOX NFL insider Jay Glazer said nothing has changed in regards to Rodgers’ desire to play somewhere else.

“I know he still wants out,” Glazer said. “Without a doubt, absolutely, still wants out.”

Rodgers’ mind hasn’t changed but apparently the Packers unwillingness to cave to his demands hasn’t either.

“Every time somebody called the Packers it was immediately shut down,” Glazer said. “Look, what these teams need to do is continue to call and continue to call whether for him or (Houston’s) DeShaun Watson or any of these guys.”

Rodgers missed the entirety of the offseason program for the first time in his career, costing himself a $500,000 workout bonus and a potential fine of roughly $93,000 for not taking part in the mandatory minicamp. If he decides to hold out of training camp at the end of next month, the fines go up and can not be waived by the team.