Rodgers: Offseason has been about enjoying my time, not having any responsibilities

The Green Bay Packers are finishing up their offseason program this week with another round of OTAs, though most veterans have elected not to attend. That includes Aaron Rodgers, though that’s nothing new as the future Hall of Fame quarterback hasn’t been there all offseason. He reportedly remains at odds with the front office and it’s unclear if he’ll play for the team again.

Instead of taking part in the offseason program, Rodgers has been enjoying himself. He guest hosted Jeopardy! and later took in the Kentucky Derby with fiancé Shailene Woodley and friends, before the couple took part in what became a very public vacation to Hawaii.

Rodgers will continue to be in the national spotlight early next month when he plays in the latest version of Capital One’s The Match on Turner Sports. He recently took part in a promotional interview with the other players — Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady and Bryon DeChambeau — in which he was asked about his offseason.

“It’s one of those quiet offseasons you just dream about where you can kind of just go through your process on your own quietly,” Rodgers said. “That’s all you can ask for as an older player in the league and someone that’s been around for a long time and just enjoys that time to yourself, just relax, not be bothered, to not have any obligations or anything going on.

“I think that’s what this offseason has been about. It’s been about really enjoying my time, spending it where I want to spend it and not feel like I have to go anywhere, not have any responsibilities but still being an NFL player at the same time. It’s been great.”

Rodgers cost himself $500,000 by not taking part in the offseason program and the Packers could also have fined him roughly $93,000 for not attending their mandatory minicamp last week. The fines increase significantly if he does not report for training camp in late July.