Aaron Rodgers Watch: Day 14

It has now been 14 days since it was first reported that quarterback Aaron Rodgers did not want to return to the Green Bay Packers due to issues with the front office. While the two sides are reportedly talking, a quick resolution does not appear likely.

Here are the latest developments:

— The NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport joined The Pat McAfee Show Wednesday afternoon and was asked whether the Packers had indeed offered Rodgers a huge contract extension. Rapoport confirmed they had, but said there is more to the situation than just money.

“To me, it is not about the overall yearly average, which is what we talk so much about when contracts are done. From what I understand, it is about security and him knowing he’s the Packers starter going forward — guaranteed — contractually.”

Former Packers fullback John Kuhn followed Rapoport later in the afternoon.

“I do believe there is a chance Aaron Rodgers comes back. I think it’s a decent chance Aaron Rodgers comes back. Really, this whole thing is going to come down to communication. Can they make him feel the love. Like Jerry Maguire. Let me feel the love. Some of that is probably going to be show him the money and some of that is probably going to be contract, but he needs to feel the love. He needs to feel a certain type of way. Right now, for whatever reason, he just hasn’t felt that way in quite some time.”

— We had previously heard from former Packers coaches Mike Holmgren and Mike McCarthy about the Rodgers situation. On Tuesday, it was Mike Sherman’s turn to comment on it as he joined the NFL Network. You can see the full interview here, but Sherman does say he doesn’t see the Packers trading Rodgers.