EBO – Beau Thoreson

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Ebo has a strong passion for the cheesehead culture. Packers, Badgers, Brewers, Bucks, good fish fry, and an Old Fashioned.

He is the morning show host for his show “Over The Line” and the program director for the Zone.

With over 10 years of radio experience, opening up his mic and being able to entertain his listeners every day never gets old for him.

I started in radio by helping out with 94.1 WJJO. Never saying “no” to anything that was asked, I soon found myself getting my first on-air experience from Midnight to 6AM on the weekends.  From there I began to find my voice and soon was filling in on Johnny & Greg’s morning show and other various weekday shifts.  After a couple of years on JJO, it was then that 96.7FM/1670AM The Zone was created and I became the producer for the 6AM – 8AM weekday morning show while also hosting my own show on Sundays called “Ebo’s World.”  Sports talk radio was new for me, but I found my niche!  After a few months of solely doing a morning show, we created a sports gambling show called “The Action Zone” and a fantasy football show called “The Fantasy Zone” that aired for two hours, one day a week.  After two years of having a blast on those three shows, it was decided I would co-host the morning show called “Over the Line” from 6AM – 10AM, weekdays.  Finally, after 5 years with Mid-West Family Broadcasting, I had the opportunity to become Program Director of the Zone and have not looked back.  My radio career has grown with Mid-West Family Broadcasting and I am glad I can do what I love every day!  Being from Dodgeville, Wisconsin, I have always loved Madison and moved to this great city when I was 19 years old.  I could write a novel on my love of Madison!  From the great people that make this city strong to its own unique culture, Madison could not be a better place to live.  What I love most is supporting my local businesses and seeing the community grow.  From local restaurants (I’ll give you a list of must-eats) to my favorite breweries, to the Mom and Pop stores, I always can find a new favorite spot in Madtown.  My hobbies include sports (watching/playing/talking about), music, playing guitar, and drinking the next best local beer.  My family is small but growing.  I recently married my beautiful wife, Jen.  We also have two cats, Sinny and Gizmo.  I am from the small town of Dodgeville, Wisconsin and I still love to get back there and visit my parents and Governor Dodge.  My favorite thing to do every year is the American Family Children’s Hospital Radiothon.  Being there and helping a cause near and dear to my heart really puts life in perspective.  My favorite cookie, besides chocolate chip, has got to be white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.  My favorite sports team is an easy one… The Green Bay Packers!  13 NFL Championships and remember, the G stands for Greatness.  And my favorite superhero, hmmmmmmm my spidey sense is tingling … Spider-Man! I’m a big believer in the power of positivity. Always be putting out good in this world.


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