The World Series on Christmas Day?

In April of 2007, the Cleveland Indians and Anaheim Angels played a three-game series at Miller Park.

Snow storms in Cleveland forced the regular season games be moved to Milwaukee on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

According to the Milwaukee Business Journal, 19,000 fans showed up for Game 1. The stadium called in 500 additional workers to run concessions, parking and maintenance.

If a plan proposed by baseball super agent Scott Boras, Miller Park could host two playoff teams in 2020. Not necessarily the Brewers.

During a conversation with the LA Times, Boras suggested that the Major League Baseball season be extended into the winter months. Playing all playoff games at the three stadiums in California plus venues with domes, including Miller Park.

In the report, Boras points out that the average California temperature in November and December is nearly 67 degrees. A warmer average than early season games in most Midwestern and Northeastern cities.

Boars’ suggestion further entails the regular season plays the usual 162 games. Other theories propose that if games are allowed to resume in July, the regular season be cut to less than 100 games, starting the post-season in October as originally planned.

His plan also breaks down a “neutral” World Series, where Game 6 is played on Christmas Day.

There is no official plan or date for when games will resume.

One of the major concerns that arises is the start date of the 2021 season. If players are playing well into November, that date would have to be pushed back as well.