Grading Pat Connaughton’s dunk contest

It’s usually Giannis Antetokounmpo who has his last name butchered on national television.

Thanks to the NBA selecting DJ Khaled to introduce the 2020 dunk contest participants, the Milwaukee Bucks have “another one” on that list.

Pun intended.

“Pat, I can’t say his last name right, but I’m going to try it, Connaughton.”

Saturday night may have been Connaughton’s introduction to the casual NBA fan, but after jumping over Christian Yelich and Antetokounmpo and scoring 95 points in the first round, they’ll remember him as one of the league’s legitimate high flyers.

And showmen.

Breaking down Connaughton’s overall dunk contest appearance.

The NBA has seen a Billy Hoyle reenactment during the dunk contest before. In 2012, Chase Budinger channeled his inner Woody Harrelson and jumped over Diddy.

His tribute was a backwards hat and a white Sprite t-shirt.

Connaughton took it to a whole new level.

His hat, shirt, shorts and teaser videos were top-of-the-line. Convincing Marques Johnson to drop the blade and assist with the production was incredible.

An original scene with Johnson as “Raymond” from White Men Can’t Jump. Warning, this isn’t Johnson calling a game on Fox Sports Wisconsin, this clip is NSFW.

Then for some added pizzaz, 2018 National League MVP Christian Yelich joined in on the fun.

After his NBA career concludes, he may have a future in recruiting for his alma-mater because his invitation to Yelich took some work.

Walking onto the court, Nike’s hanging around his neck Hoyle style, Connaughton refused to break character.

Showmanship Grade: A+

His first dunk received a 45. Actor Chadwick Boseman was the only judge to give him a perfect 10. Candance Parker, Common and Scottie Pippen gave him nines. Future Hall-of-Famer Dwyane Wade scored Connaughton with the lowest score, an eight.

The dunk over Yelich was solid. Unfortunately, on a night where men 6-foot-9 and taller were jumped over, Yelich’s 6-foot-3 frame didn’t really move the meter.

Yelich told reporters on Sunday at Spring Training in Arizona that had Connaughton advanced to the finals, a baseball would have been incorporated.

Maybe they shouldn’t have saved the best for last?

Dunk No.1 Grade: B

Pat received a perfect 50 for his second dunk.

Words don’t really do it justice. Just watch him jump over Antetokounmpo, tap the ball against the glass and then throw it down with authority.

The judges nearly missed the glass tap. He had to state his case, but at the end of the day, they made the right call.

Dunk No.2 Grade: A

Unfortunately his 95 points weren’t good enough to advance to the finals, however, Connaughton absolutely put on an overall show.

Same weekend next year in Indiana?