The Camp: Jan. 3, 2020

On the season-ending episode of The Camp, Zach Heilprin and Jesse Temple look back at the Rose Bowl, what the future holds on offense and defense for the Badgers and they answer your Twitter questions. 

5:31 — Breaking down the four turnovers

7:24 — The offensive pass interference on Danny Davis was largely trash

11:50 — The good stuff of the Rose Bowl? The defense and Aron Cruickshank 

What the future holds: 

QBs: 16:55 

RBs: 22:17 

WRs: 27:07 

TEs: 31:42 

OL: 34:51 

LBs: 39:45 

DL: 44:57 

DBs: 47:13 

STs: 54:31 

Twitter questions — 58:20